Lovely Sunday afternoon!

Enjoying a lovely Sunday afternoon off from work. I made myself a rather large batch of thai coconut soup, it's a pretty awesome soup to make because you can kind of throw anything you want into it. I added sardines, asparagus, zucchini, and mushrooms to my batch along with the usual chicken broth, coconut milk, sriracha, and Thai fish sauce. Yumyumyum.

20140316-160413.jpg I'm now spending the rest of the afternoon watching Firefly on Netflix (The hero of Canton, the man they call Jayne!!) and working on a new cosplay. Three guesses who it is?



So I went into this recovery process thinking of all the cool things I'd craft while I was stuck at home..... And thus hugely underestimated the amount of tired I would feel post-op. as such, I've only just begun one of my bigger projects. I wanted to make a spiffy new dress, one that I could specifically wear to the New Orleans film fest if Mister White gets in.

20130526-214843.jpg Definitely a work in progress now, but just wait till I've finished =)

A lovely, lazy Sunday

Mmmmm, I like having a Sunday off now and again. There's just something about Sunday's that make them lovely days to lounge about and enjoy where the day takes you. Today the day took me to Michael's to pick up supplies for gifts for the many mother's in my life, and then off to grab some yummy food from Trader Joe's for a late lunch with Maya =) Work was made on various Mother's Day gifts and now I'm listening to my favourite pandora station waiting for hubby to get home. I picked up a flank of salmon as a treat tonight, plus left over chocolate torte from lunch (with the addition of fresh strawberries from my favourite farmers market, yum!)


Hobby Lobby, the ban of my existence.

Woah. Guys, I had never been to Hobby Lobby before in my whole life until yesterday. Needless to say, my life was changed FOREVER. I found so many wonderful and delightful things, including a variety of fantastic charms and jewelry-related paraphernalia. I made two bracelets from my goodies, one that's whimsical and one that's fairy tale related.

20130427-101557.jpg The whimsical one used a great piece of clock-chain for the band and then I dangled these great book charms off of it, along with little lock and key charms and an "M". I LOVE this bracelet, it's so cute and funky. I'm all about the charm bracelets lately.

20130427-101548.jpg The Fairy Tale bracelet is similar, but uses a delicate silver-tone bracelet instead of the clock band. I found more great book charms, but this time fairy tale related ones. I also added a red apple with a bite out of it, more lock and key charms, a crystal ball, and messages in a bottle along with another "M" charm. I feel like a new goal of mine for this year is to learn more about jewelry-making. These were super simple projects, but I really enjoyed making them and I definitely want to try and make some more difficult pieces (potentially working my way into the world of beading, woah!). Stay tuned for the next entry in this saga of awesome stuff I found at Hobby Lobby. I also picked up material to make a dress that I think will be pretty spectacular as well as two glass jars that look like lightbulbs that I think would make amazing oil and vinegar bottles. Seriously. My world is forever changed.