Finding a rhythm?

I think we might finally be starting to find a rhythm to life around here. Natalie has started sleeping for four-five hour stretches at night (in her own bassinet, gasp!) - we wake up around 7:30 or 8 and she goes back down for a nap around 9. I'm able to get stuff done around the house, get dressed, etc. and she's back up around 10:30 ish and stays up for about three hours or so. Rinse and repeat until around 9:30 when she heads to sleep for the night. Today's agenda is jam packed with errands and appointments galore that need to get done before thanksgiving. =) Today is also officially four weeks since my baby girl was born, I can't believe how fast time in going by. It's been amazing to watch her develop over the last month, she's getting so much stronger and alert/aware of her surroundings. She was officially 9 pounds, 1 ounce at her last pediatrician appointment - about a pound and a half larger than when she was born. I completely spaced on posting photos of this earlier, but she got her very first bath in water (not a sponge bath) about ten days ago. She seemed to like it, or at least not hate it haha!





Child birthing classes, who needs ’em?! ……right?

So we tried to go to our childbirth education class this past Saturday. It was supposed to be a two part class over the course of two Saturdays with the second session featuring a tour of the labor and delivery ward. Well. Friday night I went online to double check what Brian and I needed to bring with us....only to discover absolutely no record of there ever having been a class at all. The dates and times for our class were gone without a trace, the only clue being to call a number and leave a message if we had questions. So I did this and never got a call back, sadly. Brian and I took the chance that maybe the info was gone because the class was full and trudged on over the hospital bright and early to learn all the many things we could about having babies. Sadly we were disappointed. The hospital was a ghost town, literally no people as far as the eye could see. An empty information and welcome desk greeted us as we walked in, which did not seem a good sign. We went upstairs and found our classroom.... Locked and completely dark with no signs or notes or people to show that a baby having class had ever taken place there. Disappointed does not begin to describe it. We had both requested time off work to make this class and were definitely looking forward to it. Instead we headed to books-a-million where I ordered a copy of Ina May Gaskin's guide to natural child birthing as a substitute. Luckily the woman we saw there happened to be just as pregnant as me and about to take an online child birthing class, so I think we'll pursue that option and see where it goes. And at the end of the day, this baby is gonna come out whether I've taken a special class or not. =)

Crunchy momma-to-be

Spent this morning before work making cloth wipes (because if you're going to cloth diaper you might as well use cloth wipes too!) They're pretty simple to make, plain terry cloth on one side and flannel on the other. I happened to have some cute little girl printed flannel available so obviously had to use that. Only six weeks and a bit to go! Can't wait to meet our baby girl!



So I finished all the bits for the changing pad/travel wipes bag. I think it turned out pretty great! The apple/striped one is for Brian and I. The changing pad is double sided with the same fabric used for the inside/outside of the travel wipes bag. The elastic closure is a loop that comes on/off fairly easily so it will be awesome and compact for travel.

20140506-192759.jpg I also finished a set for our friends who are having their baby shower in a couple of weeks! The soon-to-be daddy loves baseball and especially the Yankees so I tried to make his set in Yankee colors. I'm also making her a set (she's a hairdresser!) pics to come!