Cosplay Progress: Iron Man V. 1 done!!


(null) So I finished and debuted my ball gowned version of Iron Man at Swampcon. I'm pretty much in love with it, I think it turned out incredibly well. That being said, I realized that there are some things I think I want to change/adjust on it before I wear it again. Firstly I think I want to take black glitter (or beads, I'm not sure) and make some of the armor markings on the bodice of the dress. I think it might help give the dress a more distinct "Iron Man' look without sacrificing my ballgown appeal. I also want to experiment with making some armor platelets for my arms and possibly my shins as well. I love my Iron Man booties I painted, but I'm not sure how comfortable they will be walking around Dragoncon all day. I may switch to flats and wear leg/shoes covers that look like armor instead.   Mostly I just want to take some time to fiddle with the details a little bit more before I wear this costume again. I think I'm going to wear Natalie in a back carry using a soft structured carrier (maybe a Tula? Ahh!) and then pin a patch onto the Tula/diaper bag that looks like the SHIELD symbol. Because, why not?

Cosplay Progress: Baby Dewgong!

My baby girl got to do her first cosplay at Swampcon. While us and two of our friends cosplayed as the elite four, we dressed our baby girl up as a pokemon! She went as Dewgong, an ice type pokemon that Lorelei (my trainer) uses against you in the generation one pokemon games.


I dressed her in a white long-sleeved onesie with white tights and a Dewgong hat. The hat was relatively easy to make. I flipped one of her hats that had a white interior inside-out and attached felt pieces in the shape of Dewgong's eyes, nose, horn and baby teeth. I was lucky that the band of the hat was the right color pink for the mouth. I also attached felt to her baby carrier to make it look like a pokeball for added cuteness. It was definitely a hit at the con!

Cosplay Progress: Elite Four DONE!

10354075_10153155054928755_2997254504052637561_n   Woo! I did it! I finished making all of the costumes for the elite four from generation one pokemon games. It was my first time attempting to make costumes for people other than myself. I think they all came together quite nicely! I didn't hand make every item, but I helped to get everything for these costumes by hitting thrift stores and making what we couldn't find. 1506995_10153155055343755_7639448094480917887_n   So from left to right, here's who the characters are and how I accomplished the different parts of the costumes. Me! I went as Lorelei. My costume was pretty simple. I already had the shirt from a million years ago that my mom bought me for a job interview. I took of the sleeves, took it in a little bit so it opened at a point at the bottom and popped my collar. The skirt was a thrift store find from a long time ago. It was on a 25 cent rack and I bought it for the fabric, but when we decided to do this cosplay I realized I could just hem it to the right length and add slits and BOOM! 90s mini skirt action. I wear glasses normally, so that was easy and styling my hair was relatively simple. I opted for flats instead of pumps though. I baby wore Natalie around the con in an Infantino Sash Mei Tai. I covered the patterened fabric panel with felt to look like a pokeball, I adhered it with elmers spray on adhesive. It worked pretty well, and isn't permanent so our carrier can return to it's normal looking self. I'm thinking I'm going to make patches I can safety pin onto this for when we go to Dragoncon in order to solve the "how do I transport my child safely and stylishly?" dilemma.   Next up, Brian! Brian went as Bruno, the fighting-type Pokemon trainer. His costume was incredibly simple. He already had a ripped up pair of gi pants that a friend had passed down to him. I ordered a black belt and sweatbands off of Amazon for $15 combined. I love me some Amazon Prime. Brian wasn't feeling like wearing a wig, so we just spiked his normal hair and called it a day.   Next is Lisa who went as the ghost-type trainer, Agatha. Her dress we found at a thrift store and it was almost perfect as is. It had a key hole opening in the front that I stitched closed for this cosplay. I used a scrap piece of lace I had lying around to fashion her collar. The gem on the front I found on clearance at Joann's for $2, but it was a clear rhinestone. I used regular acrylic paint in a dusty rose shade and painted the gem. I figured it would catch on the facets and look a little uneven as well as dry down to a matte finish. That way it looks kind of like a natural agate, but way cheaper than any other option I could have found. I made the apron from two fat quarters and some scrap ribbon and white fabric from my stormtrooper cosplay. Her staff I made from Styrofoam cylinders I found at Joann's for a couple bucks. I mushed up a piece of duct tape and set it on top, but paper mached the entire piece. Finally I painted it with a variety of brown shades and left a divet in the top of the staff for her pokeball to sit. Lastly is Andy who went as the dragon-type trainer, Lance. We found his shirt and pants at a thrift store. I added the orange bias tape to the shirt so it would work for the cosplay. I sewed his cloak without a pattern and attached silver buttons and chains. The collar I made by putting the thin kind of cardboard inside a fabric pocket and attaching it the cloak. I'm pretty sure I should have used interfacing in retrospect, but hey, it worked! Andy found his boots at Walmart, they're women's Ugg boots haha! He attached orange washi tape to the tops and voila! All the pokeballs were made from plastic christmas ornaments that I painted.  

Family Day – Paynes Prarie Hike

We went for a hike on La Chua Trail a week ago as our first family hike. It's funny because, as a kid/teenager, I pretty much hated it when my parents would suggest that we go on a hike.   IMG_4027   As an adult, though, I love hiking. It's pretty much the best thing ever. I don't really like to exercise just to exercise (which Brian is totally down for) so hiking is a great way for me to exercise without hating it. Unfortunately, in Florida, hiking can pretty much never include actually mountains or hills or even a slight incline. You also have to hike in the morning or there is no chance that you will not fry to death in the heat (even if it's the middle of January). IMG_4038   Anyway, we had an awesome time walking about. La Chua trail is a three mile hike, round trip, and there's TONS of wildlife to see along the way. The best parts were when we'd see tons of alligators and whoever was holding the baby would get nervous and the one with the camera would get excited. IMG_4083   We even had a very sweet couple offer to take a photo of our family out on the trail. Everyone in a picture! It's a dream come true! IMG_4097   We met a mom out on the trail when we got to the observatory and got to talking, she's apparently a local photographer. I'm a member of the La Leche League facebook group and, luckily, so is she! A few days later I happened to post to the group and she commented on the picture saying she thought she had met me out on the trail and that she had snapped a photo of us as we were walking back. So cute. 10920960_921990301168692_5764924804175867320_n

Noms: My bread!

You know that one dish you're known for and are pretty much required to bring to any potluck-style gathering? Mine is bread. IMG_0030.JPG I started making bread when I was first learning how to cook back in Arkansas. My favorite recipe is one I found on pinterest, it's called peasant bread. It's super easy to make and takes very little time. It's delicious and rich and yummy, definitely a crowd pleaser. I made this the other day and used it to make yummy grilled cheese sandwiches and I paired it with a homemade salmon and oyster chowder. So goooooood. IMG_0034.JPG

Cosplay Progress: Elite Four

I've pretty much finished my Lorelei cosplay from the elite four. I just need to finish sewing a seam on the back of the top to take it in and cause it to fall open on the front at the bottom. I also need to decide on shoes. The character wears old lady-ish black pumps, which I do not own. I'm not sure I want to spend the money to buy a pair of shoes I probably won't wear again. Now I just have to decide between a pair of black peep toe pumps that have a small zipper on the front or a pair of black flats with studs. The flats would be more comfortable, so I'm leaning towards them. Thoughts? IMG_0039.JPG

Noms: Blackberry Pie

We got a new grocery store locally called Lucky's. Apparently it's part of a national chain that tries to focus on selling a lot of local, natural and organic foods. The coolest part of it all is that they have a cafe in the front entrance of the store where you can get coffee or tea.....or a glass of local wine for $4 or a local pint for $2. They have cup holders on their shopping cart to encourage the drinking a shopping. Genius marketing. Anyways, part of what Lucky's seems to do is put something at an incredible price for the entire week - like a completely and totally ridiculous price. The first week we went they had a 6 ounce container of organic blackberries for 48 cents. That is not a typo - They were $0.48. Seriously. So we bought three containers and I made a pie! Yummy!! IMG_0028.JPG I adapted a recipe I found on Pinterest (and by "adapted" I mean that I didn't have an ingredient, but went for it anyways). Here's a link to the recipe I used if you're so inclined to try it out.

Cosplay Progress: Elite Four

I'm still plugging away at the cosplays I have planned for Swampcon. I found these nifty plastic ornaments at Joann's for 50 cents a piece and decided they would be perfect for making a set of four pokeballs for us to use as props.

IMG_0040.JPG I painted them with acrylic paint and I figure they'll serve double duty as a way to store a little bit of cash/whatever other small things we'll need at the con. Cute, right?


Cosplay round two: Pokemon’s (generation one) elite four!

So obviously since Swamp Con is a two day event I have to have two costumes to wear during the con, one for each day. A couple of our friends are going to be joining us and we're all going to dress up as a group, including little baby Natalie! We'll be going as the elite four champions from the first generation of pokemon games (red, blue and yellow).

IMG_0670.PNG I'll be going as Lorelai, the ice trainer (first one on the left) and Brian will be going as Bruno, the fighting trainer (second one in). Since I'll be the ice trainer we'll be dressing up Natalie as Dewgong, and adorable ice type pokemon. I'll post pics as I get pieces finished.


Cosplay Progress: Ironman!

I started work on a new cosplay! My family (and some friends too!) are doing a massive super cool, super secret cosplay for Dragon Con 2015 later this year. We have a small local con at the beginning of February called Swampcon and I decided to try and get my portion of the group cosplay finished in time for the costume contest at the convention.   I just finished one of the most important parts today...the shoes!! IMG_0618.JPG You might remember these shoes from a thrift store hall a while back. I decided to spruce them up with some red and gold paint (to make it look like the iron suit!). The buttons were perfect for making little tiny arc reactors. IMG_4019 I can't wait to rock these out in public even without the rest of my cosplay. Who wouldn't want their very own Iron Man shoes? IMG_4018