Cosplay Progress: Iron Man V. 1 done!!


(null) So I finished and debuted my ball gowned version of Iron Man at Swampcon. I'm pretty much in love with it, I think it turned out incredibly well. That being said, I realized that there are some things I think I want to change/adjust on it before I wear it again. Firstly I think I want to take black glitter (or beads, I'm not sure) and make some of the armor markings on the bodice of the dress. I think it might help give the dress a more distinct "Iron Man' look without sacrificing my ballgown appeal. I also want to experiment with making some armor platelets for my arms and possibly my shins as well. I love my Iron Man booties I painted, but I'm not sure how comfortable they will be walking around Dragoncon all day. I may switch to flats and wear leg/shoes covers that look like armor instead.   Mostly I just want to take some time to fiddle with the details a little bit more before I wear this costume again. I think I'm going to wear Natalie in a back carry using a soft structured carrier (maybe a Tula? Ahh!) and then pin a patch onto the Tula/diaper bag that looks like the SHIELD symbol. Because, why not?

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