Noms: Blackberry Pie

We got a new grocery store locally called Lucky's. Apparently it's part of a national chain that tries to focus on selling a lot of local, natural and organic foods. The coolest part of it all is that they have a cafe in the front entrance of the store where you can get coffee or tea.....or a glass of local wine for $4 or a local pint for $2. They have cup holders on their shopping cart to encourage the drinking a shopping. Genius marketing. Anyways, part of what Lucky's seems to do is put something at an incredible price for the entire week - like a completely and totally ridiculous price. The first week we went they had a 6 ounce container of organic blackberries for 48 cents. That is not a typo - They were $0.48. Seriously. So we bought three containers and I made a pie! Yummy!! IMG_0028.JPG I adapted a recipe I found on Pinterest (and by "adapted" I mean that I didn't have an ingredient, but went for it anyways). Here's a link to the recipe I used if you're so inclined to try it out.

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