Moving and shaking!

After a whirlwind couple of weeks, we're finally starting to settle into our new apartment in Gainesville. We've got most of our boxes unpacked, except for the random book boxes that have taken over the second bedroom. We're still working on the whole "having furniture" thing, there's a lot of box tables going on (I'm currently writing this on the floor, with my laptop on a box). I got the kitchen set up just about how I want it, we've decided to try and get red appliances and accents. Yay for theming! I really want to rock a retro-vibe kitchen. I also figured out a good way to try and break up the mass amount of wood that was taking over the kitchen, we found this great stick-up stuff that can be used as a drawer liner or as a cabinet cover (or, in our case, both!). I also added a chalkboard paint racing strip down the back of the kitchen, which is super fun, we've been enjoying writing random messages on it for each other. Behold the awesome!


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