Cosplay Progress: Elite Four

I've pretty much finished my Lorelei cosplay from the elite four. I just need to finish sewing a seam on the back of the top to take it in and cause it to fall open on the front at the bottom. I also need to decide on shoes. The character wears old lady-ish black pumps, which I do not own. I'm not sure I want to spend the money to buy a pair of shoes I probably won't wear again. Now I just have to decide between a pair of black peep toe pumps that have a small zipper on the front or a pair of black flats with studs. The flats would be more comfortable, so I'm leaning towards them. Thoughts? IMG_0039.JPG

Noms: Blackberry Pie

We got a new grocery store locally called Lucky's. Apparently it's part of a national chain that tries to focus on selling a lot of local, natural and organic foods. The coolest part of it all is that they have a cafe in the front entrance of the store where you can get coffee or tea.....or a glass of local wine for $4 or a local pint for $2. They have cup holders on their shopping cart to encourage the drinking a shopping. Genius marketing. Anyways, part of what Lucky's seems to do is put something at an incredible price for the entire week - like a completely and totally ridiculous price. The first week we went they had a 6 ounce container of organic blackberries for 48 cents. That is not a typo - They were $0.48. Seriously. So we bought three containers and I made a pie! Yummy!! IMG_0028.JPG I adapted a recipe I found on Pinterest (and by "adapted" I mean that I didn't have an ingredient, but went for it anyways). Here's a link to the recipe I used if you're so inclined to try it out.

Cosplay Progress: Elite Four

I'm still plugging away at the cosplays I have planned for Swampcon. I found these nifty plastic ornaments at Joann's for 50 cents a piece and decided they would be perfect for making a set of four pokeballs for us to use as props.

IMG_0040.JPG I painted them with acrylic paint and I figure they'll serve double duty as a way to store a little bit of cash/whatever other small things we'll need at the con. Cute, right?


Cosplay round two: Pokemon’s (generation one) elite four!

So obviously since Swamp Con is a two day event I have to have two costumes to wear during the con, one for each day. A couple of our friends are going to be joining us and we're all going to dress up as a group, including little baby Natalie! We'll be going as the elite four champions from the first generation of pokemon games (red, blue and yellow).

IMG_0670.PNG I'll be going as Lorelai, the ice trainer (first one on the left) and Brian will be going as Bruno, the fighting trainer (second one in). Since I'll be the ice trainer we'll be dressing up Natalie as Dewgong, and adorable ice type pokemon. I'll post pics as I get pieces finished.


Cosplay Progress: Ironman!

I started work on a new cosplay! My family (and some friends too!) are doing a massive super cool, super secret cosplay for Dragon Con 2015 later this year. We have a small local con at the beginning of February called Swampcon and I decided to try and get my portion of the group cosplay finished in time for the costume contest at the convention.   I just finished one of the most important parts today...the shoes!!¬†IMG_0618.JPG You might remember these shoes from a thrift store hall a while back. I decided to spruce them up with some red and gold paint (to make it look like the iron suit!). The buttons were perfect for making little tiny arc reactors. IMG_4019 I can't wait to rock these out in public even without the rest of my cosplay. Who wouldn't want their very own Iron Man shoes? IMG_4018

Paleo Breakfast!

The paleo diet is the strangest thing to me. I like the idea in concept, but the reality is that I am just way too much of a fan of bread and bread products for that to ever work for me as a realistic diet. That being said, I definitely like to sometimes make food that is "paleo" just because it's the new It term to make any meal sound instantly more awesome. IMG_3976 This is another recipe I found on Pinterest I decided to give a whirl and it worked....mostly. They're super simple to make: just slice an avocado in half, scoop out the center portion to fit your egg (this step is really important or you end up with an egg catastrophe), crack an egg in the middle and sprinkle cooked bacon on top. Bake at 425 degrees for about 20 minutes. The eggs look runny and not quite cooked, but take them out. We waited and ended up with fully cooked yolks, boo. Definitely line your pan with tin foil and be extra careful to make sure your avocados are properly propped up or egg will go everywhere - but if you line your pan with tinfoil clean up isn't a big deal. Enjoy!  

Jewelry making…

I love doing pretty much all things crafty, but if there's one area I don't feel like I'm very skilled it's jewelry making. That is, until Pinterest came into my life. I've started trying to use the ideas and pictures of interesting jewelry I've seen on Pinterest to inspire my jewelry making and I think this one turned out pretty cute. IMG_3935 This earring and necklace set is something I made as a Christmas gift for a friend this year. =) I got the idea from a pin I found . I varied mine a little bit from the original because I didn't add the gold bead inserts between the turquoise pieces. I paired it up with some simple-to-make chain and arrow earrings. Pretty nifty, huh?