Woah. I went hiking.

Woah. After years of hating anytime my parents would force me to go hiking, I went of my own free will last week. Some friends decided to head down to Paines Prairie and I went with them. Much fun was had by all and I even remembered to snap a picture!

20130128-094201.jpg Am I entering a new era of my life where I'm physically fit?

Derby, derby, derby!

For those of you who don't know (and I don't think there's many left of you!), I have decided to join roller derby this year and be a cool kid. 20130124-190435.jpg I'm still working out the kinks of what my gear should be, but I'm leaning towards sheer patterned tights, short shorts, baggy tank and sports bra! And for those of you really looking, you can spy my new thigh garter tattoo in the first picture if you look really close. Lastly, I'm thinking Belle Bent is gonna be my name. That or Blushing Bloody, but that's harder to say =P