Jewelry making…

I love doing pretty much all things crafty, but if there's one area I don't feel like I'm very skilled it's jewelry making. That is, until Pinterest came into my life. I've started trying to use the ideas and pictures of interesting jewelry I've seen on Pinterest to inspire my jewelry making and I think this one turned out pretty cute. IMG_3935 This earring and necklace set is something I made as a Christmas gift for a friend this year. =) I got the idea from a pin I found . I varied mine a little bit from the original because I didn't add the gold bead inserts between the turquoise pieces. I paired it up with some simple-to-make chain and arrow earrings. Pretty nifty, huh?

Thrift shop find and date night with the hubby!

So I know this isn't a super great photo of it, but I found the coolest dress at our local Goodwill the other day. Generally I don't spend too much time looking through the dresses at Goodwill because, at least around here, they charge $7+ for any dresses. Yikes! Especially considering most of the dresses you find are from Forever21 and similar big box stores where the dresses retail at $15 or so full price. Nah, bro, nah. Anywho, I happened to be walking past the nightgown/pajama area and spotted this gem hiding among the dated 80s polyester night gowns and rejected holiday flannel.

IMG_0613.JPG Again, sorry for the fail photo, the dress is currently in my laundry pile or I would try to take a better one. I can't quite tell how old this dress is, but based on the material, shape and pattern I'm guessing it's from the 60s? I checked for a tag and it appears to have been shredded/lost all it's print a long time ago. BUT! I can just barely make out the upper edge of a circle that I'm pretty sure is the Ladies Garment Worker union logo, which is generally a good sign that a piece is true vintage and not a replica. I completely adore the colors, a beautiful rich blue that almost leans teal that is accented by splashes of white flowers and stripes in burnt orange. There's a couple small gold metallic accents sewn on, as well as a bitchin' oversized diamond zipper pull on the front. It came with a matching belt that you can see in the photo, but when I wore it I paired it with a navy blue patent leather belt instead. The best part? While it's a little bit too big for me, if I belt it appropriately it gives a beautiful shape which means I don't need to alter it at all! Yay! In other news, hubby and I ventured out on our very first date without our baby girl a couple nights ago (thanks Shelly!) IMG_0610.JPG

We had an awesome time, especially because we got to show our support for a friend. IMG_0609.JPG Our friend Andy recently joined a band (The Melting Funk Pot) where he plays the trumpet. This was their first time playing a venue, a local bar called The High Dive. They were incredibly great - their band features an eclectic mash-up of instruments. Viola, keyboard, trumpet, bass, bongos, drums, guitar, and for a couple of songs maracas and a tambourine. They played primarily original songs, but they did grace us with an excellent cover of Michael Jackson's Billy Jean (and our friend even harmonized on some of the vocals, talent!) I finally got my keyboard working on my iPad again, so I'm hopeful this means I may post more lengthy blog posts every now and again. Till next time!

Hobby Lobby, the ban of my existence.

Woah. Guys, I had never been to Hobby Lobby before in my whole life until yesterday. Needless to say, my life was changed FOREVER. I found so many wonderful and delightful things, including a variety of fantastic charms and jewelry-related paraphernalia. I made two bracelets from my goodies, one that's whimsical and one that's fairy tale related.

20130427-101557.jpg The whimsical one used a great piece of clock-chain for the band and then I dangled these great book charms off of it, along with little lock and key charms and an "M". I LOVE this bracelet, it's so cute and funky. I'm all about the charm bracelets lately.

20130427-101548.jpg The Fairy Tale bracelet is similar, but uses a delicate silver-tone bracelet instead of the clock band. I found more great book charms, but this time fairy tale related ones. I also added a red apple with a bite out of it, more lock and key charms, a crystal ball, and messages in a bottle along with another "M" charm. I feel like a new goal of mine for this year is to learn more about jewelry-making. These were super simple projects, but I really enjoyed making them and I definitely want to try and make some more difficult pieces (potentially working my way into the world of beading, woah!). Stay tuned for the next entry in this saga of awesome stuff I found at Hobby Lobby. I also picked up material to make a dress that I think will be pretty spectacular as well as two glass jars that look like lightbulbs that I think would make amazing oil and vinegar bottles. Seriously. My world is forever changed.

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Amoxicillin For Sale, My mom came to visit me the weekend before last and requested that I start publishing outfit of the day posts. In exchange she showed me how to publish posts from my shiny new iPhone (which is even shinier since Best Buy gave me a new one after an unfortunate water-related incident, Amoxicillin results, Where to buy Amoxicillin, thank god for insurance!)


Dress: MNG by Mango
Shoes: BetseyvilleBandana: swag from bare Minerals (is my Sephora showing?)
Necklace: Jewelmint
Ring: Flea Market
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Clomid For Sale, Top: Old Navy

Skirt (Dress): TJ Maxx

Necklace: TJ Maxx

Shoes: Rocket Dog, TJ Maxx

Bracelet: Forever 21


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It's pretty common for me to come home from work and immediately change into something less....stuffy looking =P So we started our day wearing this:


Dress: Target

Shoes: Forever 21

Cami: Forever 21

Necklace: Fossil purchased on eBay

And ended our day wearing this:


Retin-A For Sale, Tights: Worthington, JC Penney

Boots: Olsenboyle, JC Penny


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Prozac For Sale, Dress: Old Navy

Shrug: MNG by Mango, JC Penneys

Belt: Forever 21

Shoes: Forever 21

Watch: Betsey Johnson, TJ Maxx


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Buy Cephalexin Without Prescription, I felt like being filled with the Spring spirit, maybe it's due to wishful thinking that it will be warmer when my friend arrives for her Spring break in a couple of weeks. Who knows =P


Jacket: Proenze Schuler for Target, taking Cephalexin, Cephalexin wiki, Sandy's Consignment Store

Shirt: Forever 21

Pants: MICHAEL by Michal Kors, Macy's

Belt: Betsey Johnson, Cephalexin overnight, Buy Cephalexin online no prescription, TJ Maxx

Shoes: Forever 21

Necklace: Betsey Johnson, Macy's

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