Strawberry and chocolate ice cream of glory…

It's starting to get pretty hot down here in the sunshine state. Our four seasons vary from most other parts of the world, they consist of: Normal Summer Everywhere Else, The Boiling Sun, Normal Summer Everywhere Else, and Fall. That pretty much means that is officially time to bust out my ice cream maker. We were invited over to a friend's house for dinner the other night and I volunteered to make dessert. My favorite supermarket (Lucky's) recently had strawberries on sale, so I decided to use them in crafting a yummy and delicious ice cream. I opted for this recipe that I found on Pinterest. I was drawn to this one because it lacked eggs, which also meant I wouldn't need to cook this ice cream before I set it up in the fridge. IMG_4385 First I chopped up the strawberries. I opted not to use the food processor because I wanted larger chunks. Next I added the strawberries to the awaiting bowl of milk, sugar, cream, vanilla and salt. IMG_4383 I poured this into a gallon size plastic bag and set it in the fridge over night. The next morning I turned on my Kitchen-Aid ice cream maker attachment and poured in the ice cream mixture while the machine was churning. As the ice cream was churning I tossed in some more strawberries I had held back and some homemade chocolate wafer cookie crumbles, because why not! IMG_4531 I let this run for about fifteen minutes while I made myself some breakfast and constantly stared at the deliciousness in the making. IMG_4541 After what felt like forever, the ice cream was finally done churning!! For the last step I poured the ice cream into a parchment paper lined metal loaf pan. I covered it up and let it set up in the freezer. IMG_4543 This ice cream was amazing and so so delicious. Plus, as an added bonus, it was SO EASY TO MAKE! Now go make some yourself!

Noms: My bread!

You know that one dish you're known for and are pretty much required to bring to any potluck-style gathering? Mine is bread. IMG_0030.JPG I started making bread when I was first learning how to cook back in Arkansas. My favorite recipe is one I found on pinterest, it's called peasant bread. It's super easy to make and takes very little time. It's delicious and rich and yummy, definitely a crowd pleaser. I made this the other day and used it to make yummy grilled cheese sandwiches and I paired it with a homemade salmon and oyster chowder. So goooooood. IMG_0034.JPG

Noms: Blackberry Pie

We got a new grocery store locally called Lucky's. Apparently it's part of a national chain that tries to focus on selling a lot of local, natural and organic foods. The coolest part of it all is that they have a cafe in the front entrance of the store where you can get coffee or tea.....or a glass of local wine for $4 or a local pint for $2. They have cup holders on their shopping cart to encourage the drinking a shopping. Genius marketing. Anyways, part of what Lucky's seems to do is put something at an incredible price for the entire week - like a completely and totally ridiculous price. The first week we went they had a 6 ounce container of organic blackberries for 48 cents. That is not a typo - They were $0.48. Seriously. So we bought three containers and I made a pie! Yummy!! IMG_0028.JPG I adapted a recipe I found on Pinterest (and by "adapted" I mean that I didn't have an ingredient, but went for it anyways). Here's a link to the recipe I used if you're so inclined to try it out.

Paleo Breakfast!

The paleo diet is the strangest thing to me. I like the idea in concept, but the reality is that I am just way too much of a fan of bread and bread products for that to ever work for me as a realistic diet. That being said, I definitely like to sometimes make food that is "paleo" just because it's the new It term to make any meal sound instantly more awesome. IMG_3976 This is another recipe I found on Pinterest I decided to give a whirl and it worked....mostly. They're super simple to make: just slice an avocado in half, scoop out the center portion to fit your egg (this step is really important or you end up with an egg catastrophe), crack an egg in the middle and sprinkle cooked bacon on top. Bake at 425 degrees for about 20 minutes. The eggs look runny and not quite cooked, but take them out. We waited and ended up with fully cooked yolks, boo. Definitely line your pan with tin foil and be extra careful to make sure your avocados are properly propped up or egg will go everywhere - but if you line your pan with tinfoil clean up isn't a big deal. Enjoy!  

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