So grateful!

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So grateful and thankful to have such amazing parents (and friends of parents!).
Dragoncon was everything I wanted it to be (which is funny since we didn’t really do any of the things I thought I wanted to do, ha!)

I can’t wait for next year!

Down to the wire!

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Things are getting down to the wire at casa Asheland. Trying to get everything together at the last minute for dragoncon, so much for not procrastinating this year.

Just wait till you see what ends up happening with these fun things….


Rainy evening…

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Quiet rainy evening at home, I’m meeting hubby a little bit later at our favorite cheap theater (gator cinemas!) to see Maleficent. =)
I’m enjoying watching a fantastic miniseries from the people who did the documentary The Business Of Being Born that basically delves deeper into the topics covered by the documentary.
I’m sipping on some delicious red raspberry leaf tea (or my uterus tea as Brian and I affectionately call it) and munching on some incredibly mind blowingly delicious almond butter thins from Trader Joes.

My life is pretty freaking sweet. You can be jealous, it’s ok.

Future stormpooper!!!

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Ahh progress! Feeling accomplished today!

I finished the apron that is the main piece of my 1950s stormtrooper housewife outfit.
I’ll definitely post more pics of the finished outfit once I have it all together!

In other news, my unborn is trying to make me blind. I now have an astigmatism in BOTH eyes (where before it was only one) and the original eye has gotten substantially worse. Now I’m trying to get used to feeling of the thicker and larger contacts my poor blind self requires. Wah wah.



Dragoncon is a-coming!!

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So I’m finally making real progress on my cosplayed for dragon con this year! Talk about procrastination, less than two weeks to the con and I have exactly zero full cosplays completed.
The scheduled lineup is:
Day one: vintage 50′s housewife stormtrooper? This May end up on another day, my awesome mama is going as a coordinating Darth Vader.
Day two: Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. I’ll be wearing her wedding dress/funeral pyre dress. I figure this will be pretty maternity friendly. I have the dress essentially completed, the pin ordered and on its way, and all I need to finish are the arm bands and making a dragons egg.
My mom and dad are also coordinating with grandma and grandpa Dany and Drogo cosplays. Yay!
Day three: Melisandre from Game of Thrones. We’re going for her “pregnant-with-a-demon-baby” look. Red dress, belt, necklace and cloak. So far I’m finished with the cloak and dress (pics to come?) and need to make the necklace and belt.
Day four: an unknown cosplay. Or maybe just a nerd outfit. Or maybe a disney princess fifties housewife. Who knows! I’m trying to finish the ones I’m certain of before I tackle this day.

My mom is also being awesome and supplying wigs for the two full on cosplays that I’ll hopefully be adept enough to style when I get there.


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So I started an etsy shop about a month ago (which you can definitely find here) and it’s been going pretty swell so far! Two sales in a month, huzzah!
Today I shipped off one item to it’s new home and started work on some new goodies for the shop.



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So I finished all the bits for the changing pad/travel wipes bag. I think it turned out pretty great! The apple/striped one is for Brian and I.

The changing pad is double sided with the same fabric used for the inside/outside of the travel wipes bag. The elastic closure is a loop that comes on/off fairly easily so it will be awesome and compact for travel.


I also finished a set for our friends who are having their baby shower in a couple of weeks! The soon-to-be daddy loves baseball and especially the Yankees so I tried to make his set in Yankee colors.

I’m also making her a set (she’s a hairdresser!) pics to come!


Prototype changing pad!

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We have friends who are having a baby shower in a couple of weeks and I thought I’d make them some cute travel changing pads with matching wipes case!
I wanted to try an experimental one for us first, just to be sure I can do it.
Success! I think it turned out super cute for our nugget-to-be – I’ll post pics of the wipe case when I finish it along with the other couples finished sets!
Who knows, this might be a precursor to an etsy shop….?


Lovely Sunday afternoon!

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Enjoying a lovely Sunday afternoon off from work. I made myself a rather large batch of thai coconut soup, it’s a pretty awesome soup to make because you can kind of throw anything you want into it. I added sardines, asparagus, zucchini, and mushrooms to my batch along with the usual chicken broth, coconut milk, sriracha, and Thai fish sauce. Yumyumyum.

I’m now spending the rest of the afternoon watching Firefly on Netflix (The hero of Canton, the man they call Jayne!!) and working on a new cosplay. Three guesses who it is?



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So I went into this recovery process thinking of all the cool things I’d craft while I was stuck at home…..
And thus hugely underestimated the amount of tired I would feel post-op.

as such, I’ve only just begun one of my bigger projects.
I wanted to make a spiffy new dress, one that I could specifically wear to the New Orleans film fest if Mister White gets in.


Definitely a work in progress now, but just wait till I’ve finished =)

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