Can’t wait to meet my baby girl!

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We got our maternity pictures taken yesterday by a completely amazing photographer – Bonnie Estell! Such a great experience and the pictures are everything I could want!
More to come in the next couple weeks!




Child birthing classes, who needs ‘em?! ……right?

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So we tried to go to our childbirth education class this past Saturday. It was supposed to be a two part class over the course of two Saturdays with the second session featuring a tour of the labor and delivery ward.


Friday night I went online to double check what Brian and I needed to bring with us….only to discover absolutely no record of there ever having been a class at all.
The dates and times for our class were gone without a trace, the only clue being to call a number and leave a message if we had questions.

So I did this and never got a call back, sadly. Brian and I took the chance that maybe the info was gone because the class was full and trudged on over the hospital bright and early to learn all the many things we could about having babies.

Sadly we were disappointed. The hospital was a ghost town, literally no people as far as the eye could see. An empty information and welcome desk greeted us as we walked in, which did not seem a good sign.
We went upstairs and found our classroom…. Locked and completely dark with no signs or notes or people to show that a baby having class had ever taken place there.

Disappointed does not begin to describe it. We had both requested time off work to make this class and were definitely looking forward to it. Instead we headed to books-a-million where I ordered a copy of Ina May Gaskin’s guide to natural child birthing as a substitute.
Luckily the woman we saw there happened to be just as pregnant as me and about to take an online child birthing class, so I think we’ll pursue that option and see where it goes.

And at the end of the day, this baby is gonna come out whether I’ve taken a special class or not. =)

Not gonna get sick!

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Or so I hope.
I’m basically chugging yogi cold season tea.
I do love they’re sayings/fortunes on the tags. Yogi makes my heart smile.



Crunchy momma-to-be

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Spent this morning before work making cloth wipes (because if you’re going to cloth diaper you might as well use cloth wipes too!)
They’re pretty simple to make, plain terry cloth on one side and flannel on the other. I happened to have some cute little girl printed flannel available so obviously had to use that.
Only six weeks and a bit to go! Can’t wait to meet our baby girl!


Digging on my cosplay

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I only managed to snag one selfie from the weekend at dragoncon, I seriously need to get better about taking pictures.
My mom gave us her old dslr camera for us to photograph baby, so hopefully that will be the inspiration to get me to start taking more pics!
That being said, I was so pleased with how my Daenerys Stormborn cosplay turned out!


So grateful!

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So grateful and thankful to have such amazing parents (and friends of parents!).
Dragoncon was everything I wanted it to be (which is funny since we didn’t really do any of the things I thought I wanted to do, ha!)

I can’t wait for next year!

Down to the wire!

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Things are getting down to the wire at casa Asheland. Trying to get everything together at the last minute for dragoncon, so much for not procrastinating this year.

Just wait till you see what ends up happening with these fun things….


Rainy evening…

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Quiet rainy evening at home, I’m meeting hubby a little bit later at our favorite cheap theater (gator cinemas!) to see Maleficent. =)
I’m enjoying watching a fantastic miniseries from the people who did the documentary The Business Of Being Born that basically delves deeper into the topics covered by the documentary.
I’m sipping on some delicious red raspberry leaf tea (or my uterus tea as Brian and I affectionately call it) and munching on some incredibly mind blowingly delicious almond butter thins from Trader Joes.

My life is pretty freaking sweet. You can be jealous, it’s ok.

Future stormpooper!!!

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Ahh progress! Feeling accomplished today!

I finished the apron that is the main piece of my 1950s stormtrooper housewife outfit.
I’ll definitely post more pics of the finished outfit once I have it all together!

In other news, my unborn is trying to make me blind. I now have an astigmatism in BOTH eyes (where before it was only one) and the original eye has gotten substantially worse. Now I’m trying to get used to feeling of the thicker and larger contacts my poor blind self requires. Wah wah.



Dragoncon is a-coming!!

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So I’m finally making real progress on my cosplayed for dragon con this year! Talk about procrastination, less than two weeks to the con and I have exactly zero full cosplays completed.
The scheduled lineup is:
Day one: vintage 50′s housewife stormtrooper? This May end up on another day, my awesome mama is going as a coordinating Darth Vader.
Day two: Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. I’ll be wearing her wedding dress/funeral pyre dress. I figure this will be pretty maternity friendly. I have the dress essentially completed, the pin ordered and on its way, and all I need to finish are the arm bands and making a dragons egg.
My mom and dad are also coordinating with grandma and grandpa Dany and Drogo cosplays. Yay!
Day three: Melisandre from Game of Thrones. We’re going for her “pregnant-with-a-demon-baby” look. Red dress, belt, necklace and cloak. So far I’m finished with the cloak and dress (pics to come?) and need to make the necklace and belt.
Day four: an unknown cosplay. Or maybe just a nerd outfit. Or maybe a disney princess fifties housewife. Who knows! I’m trying to finish the ones I’m certain of before I tackle this day.

My mom is also being awesome and supplying wigs for the two full on cosplays that I’ll hopefully be adept enough to style when I get there.

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